Our Projects

Local Bicycle Advocacy

We continue to work with the City of Sun Prairie, and neighboring communities, on bicycle amenities. Here are just a few of the ongoing advocacy projects:

National Bike to Work Day

Each May we set up a booth along Sun Prairie's main commuter corridor to recognize, promote, and reward those who commute to work via bicycle.

Recognition for Sun Prairie's Cycling Efforts

We strive to help the City of Sun Prairie improve their cycling infrastructure and be recognized and awarded for their efforts. This has resulted in both Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze Award and recognition as a Wisconsin Active Together Community.

Safe Routes to School

We are looking for a volunteer to help spearhead this project in Sun Prairie. 
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Grow and Maintain Mountain Bike Use

With support from C.O.R.P., Sun Prairie's youth cycling teams, and Sun Prairie's Parks and Recreation Department, we were successful in building singletrack trails in Sheehan Park. Together we continue to maintain and improve this trail system. 
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Valet Bicycle Parking


It's like a coat check for bicycles. We provide bicycle parking allowing residents, and visitors, to attend events via bike without concern for parking options.


  • Located at the event site
    Instead of looking for a distant place to park, ride up to the event and spend more time on site.
  • Dedicated, secure parking space with racks
    No locks needed. No searching for a rack or pole. Just peace of mind knowing your steed is in a safe place.
  • Cuts down on traffic congestion
    Reduce your carbon footprint, avoid event traffic, and enjoy a ride outdoors.
  • Better use of event space
    Bike parking uses less space than motor vehicle parking allowing event promoters breathing room.


For a list of Valet Bicycle Parking events:
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Bicycle Rides

Just like you, we enjoy riding in and around Sun Prairie. We organize rides to help showcase some of the best riding spaces in our area community.

Brats, Brews, and Bikes

Join us during Wisconsin Bike Month for local rides and a gathering that includes a barbeque.
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Slow Roll

A family-friendly ride along Sun Prairie's off-street paths.
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Ride of Silence

We joined this national effort in 2019 providing a ride to honor those who lost their lives or were injured while bicycling.
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