Let's get out and enjoy a ride in Sun Prairie. Our community provides numerous lanes, paths, and trails to offer a range of experiences people on bicycles.

Where should I ride? 

Sun Prairie's Multi-use Paths
A map of bicycle paths and lanes in Sun Prairie can be downloaded here. Videos for some of these routes can be found on our YouTube Channel

Mountain Biking
Sun Prairie offers both novice and intermediate level singletrack mountain bike trails in Sheehan Park. 
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Reaching other Communities
The online Low Stress Bike Route Finder is a useful tool for planning your route in and around Madison and local communities. You can use this tool to determine the best route based on your riding comfort levels. 
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Local Routes
Additional local routes can be found using online ride tracking software like Strava and MapMyRide. Click on a link for details on each program. 

Where can I find others to ride with? 

Here are a few Facebook groups related to cycling in the local area:
There are also youth mountain bike programs in Sun Prairie and neighboring communities. To learn more, visit this link:

Where can I park my bike?

We've compiled a map of bicycle racks within the City of Sun Prairie. 
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Where can I get my bike serviced? 

A finely tuned bicycle aids in great riding experiences. Here are the three closest bicycle service centers:
  1. Sun City Cyclery and Skates
    235 E. Main St, Sun Prairie
  2. Trek Bicycle Madison East
    1706 Eagan Rd, Madison
  3. Erik's Bike Board Ski, Madison East
    3813 E Washington Ave, Madison
There are also self-service work stands positioned around town. 

What are local laws relate to bicycle use?

Are permits required to ride in Sun Prairie?
No, permits are only required for riding on State and Dane County paths and trails.
Are licenses required for bicycles in Sun Prairie?
Yes, bicycles owned by residents of Sun Prairie must be registered. Registration is free and does not expire. More on the City webpage.
Additional regulations regarding bicycles:

What businesses support bicycle use?

Numerous businesses in Sun Prairie are participating in a program called Bicycle Benefits. 
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