Sheehan Park
Mountain Bike Trails

Not all riding in Sun Prairie is on paved paths and roads.
Due to the hard work of our local youth mountain bike teams, volunteers from CORP, and volunteers from both Sun Prairie Moves and local residents, there are over two miles of singletrack offroad trails in Sun Prairie’s Sheehan Park. This trail system continues to evolve via efforts from the Sun Prairie Youth Composite School Mountain Bike Team, the Red Fury Youth Cycling Team, and CORP (Capital Off Road Pathfinders) which is the local IMBA chapter. These groups have designated Trail Stewards who work closely with both Sun Prairie's Forest and Parks departments. 

This singletrack trail consists of a green loop with blue optional extensions. The green "Easy" loop includes flowing turns over a humped prairie with some sections winding thru the trees. This is non-technical and suitable for both mountain bikes, cyclocross riding, some hybrid bicycles, and children’s push bikes. The blue routes are more difficult with tighter turns, narrower spaces, and a few rock sections that may be difficult for newer riders. We suggest novice riders consider sticking to the green loop. The trail includes signs with directions for both the green route and blue extensions. 

Note that the trail is intended to be ridden clockwise and is open during regular park hours: 6am to 10pm
Sheehan Park MTN Trails


The trailhead is located just feet away from a bridge that crosses the creek in Sheehan Park. 
Ideally, one would park in the lot off of Bird near the baseball diamonds. From here, head to the south-west corner of the parking lot. There will be a dirt road that can be taken over a bridge. Once you cross the bridge the road switches to a mown path and heads westward. Once you reach the next bridge take a hard left and you will see the trailhead. 
You can reach the trailhead from other locations in the park as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride at night?

Yes, as long as you are out of the park by 10pm when it closes. Note that there are no lights on the singletrack trails. Thus you will need to provide your own lighting. 

Can I run or hike on the trails?

Yes. Please remember to stay on the trail and be conscious of other trail users. We suggest wearing shoes or boots that you will be comfortable using over varied terrain. 

Can I use the trails when they are wet? 

No. Please wait until the trail has dried before using. 
The trail does not drain quickly resulting in moist top-soil. Riding, or hiking, on the trail when it is wet can result in sloughing the top layers of dirt which damages the trail.  

Are the trails open during the winter?

Yes, for snowshoeing and fat biking. Just be sure to ride at temps that are below freezing so as to not damage the trail. 
Please do not hike or run on the trails when they are covered in snow. Doing so can create "post-holes" which damage the trail below the snow. 

Can I add to or modify the trail? 

No. If you see something that needs repair, please contact a Trail Steward, the Parks Department, or the Sun Prairie's Forestry. 
Changes to the trail system follow a pre-set review and approval process. Additions and changes outside that process will be removed and the person who made those modifications could be subject to a fine. 

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