About Us


Sun Prairie Moves, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, formerly known as the Sun Prairie Bicycling Advocacy Group (SPBAG), is a grassroots organization of cycling enthusiasts, parents, and other interested community members who want to improve the bicycling experience in Sun Prairie. It’s our goal to increase ridership in Sun Prairie year-round, through education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, evaluation, and planning.


The Sun Prairie Bicycle Advocacy Group was founded in January 2014 by Alan Clark and Peter Dettmer, with the intent to increase awareness and grow support for safe bicycle use in the City of Sun Prairie. In January of 2019 the SPBAG created a board of directors and formed Sun Prairie Moves.


Sun Prairie Moves is currently focused on these objectives:
  1. Serve as a bicycle-based information clearinghouse for the City of Sun Prairie’s various departments, committees, and commissions.
  2. Extend bicycle advocacy and awareness in both the City of Sun Prairie and neighboring communities.
  3. Encourage residents of the City of Sun Prairie to consider bicycles as an alternative means of transportation and for recreation.
  4. Maintain and improve on the Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award from the League of American Bicyclists.
  5. Continue development of off-road bicycle access within the city of Sun Prairie including both off-street paths and singletrack mountain bike trails.


We thank you for your support which has allowed us to successfully attain the following:
  • Attained a Bronze Community status for the City of Sun Prairie with the League of American Bicyclists
  • Attained recognition for the City of Sun Prairie as a Wisconsin Active Together Community 
  • Improved access to numerous local events by providing secure bicycle parking corrals 
  • Organized bicycle rides showing local riders routes within and around the City of Sun Prairie
  • Recognized and rewarding riders who choose to commute by bicycle
  • Assisted in the development of local mountain biking trails in Sheehan Park
  • Expanded awareness of people on bicycles within both the City of Sun Prairie and local communities
Board of Directors

Meet the Team

Though our backgrounds may vary; we all aim to improve riding experiences in Sun Prairie. 
Peter Dettmer

Peter Dettmer

Peter is an instructor at Madison College. He and Alan Clark created Sun Prairie Bicycling Advocacy Group (SPBAG) in January 2014. Peter serves as the President for Sun Prairie Moves, Inc. and his focus is on collaborating with city staff, elected officials, and community partners to expand bicycling infrastructure and to make it more accessible for all. In the summer he’s a triathlete, commuter, and tourist. In the winter he enjoys fat biking and cross country skiing.
Chad Wiedmeyer

Chad Wiedmeyer

Chad fell in love with cycling as a boy living out in the country in Washington County. He used his bicycle to get around and that eventually led to week long bike excursions with friends and fun dates with his now wife. During his early teaching career he also worked part time in bike shops in Appleton Wi. It was there that he fell in love with mountain biking. His time as an elementary principal led to group rides with students, and their families, often seeing between 75-200 riders participate. Chad has also participated in programs that repair bikes for those in need. More recently he has taken that love of cycling into his Realtor business in Sun Prairie where he thrives to help make our community a great place to enjoy getting out on a bicycle.
Christine Congdon

Christine Congdon

Christine caught the “bicycle bug” shortly after moving to Sun Prairie in 2009. While she rides for health and fitness, her road bike has also helped her explore beautiful places, meet interesting people, and make good friends. Since attending her first Sun Prairie Bicycling Advocacy Group (SPBAG) public meeting in the winter of 2015, she has become an active member, now serving as a Sun Prairie Moves, Inc. board member, and as a member of the SPBAG Steering Committee.
staff photo Theran

Theran Stautz

Theran has been riding bikes as long as he can remember. He spent many long summer days touring the City of Shawano on his police auction BMX bike. As he got older his interests shifted to mountain biking which has led him to trails all over Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and Canada. These days his riding is split between commuting to work, road rides and mountain biking at our local and state trails. He’s interested in bringing more on-road bike routes and off-road trails to Sun Prairie and connecting local businesses to our growing bicycle community.
bio photo Chris Clinton

Chris Clinton

Board Member
Using a bicycle for transportation was the catalyst that led Chris to a lifetime in the bicycle industry. He raced bicycles professionally for a bit before transitioning to competition and athlete support allowing him to work at numerous Olympics, World Championships, and events all over the world. He raised two children on bikes and now rides with friends and his wife recreationally. Chris was an original member of the Sun Prairie Bicycle Advocacy Group, is the Sheehan Park trail steward for the Capital Off-Road Pathfinders (local IMBA chapter), and is a member of both Sun Prairie’s Transit Commission and the City's Bicycle Sub-Committee.
Louise Floyd

Louise Floyd

Board Member
Louise loves spending time with her 5 children and 6 grandchildren. She enjoys many outdoor activities including, hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, swimming, kayaking and cross country skiing. She loves harvesting produce from her garden and working in the yard. She enjoys photography focusing mostly on portrait photography with her business Suburban Studio. Louise and her husband have lived in Sun Prairie for 20 years and enjoy the community and surrounding area.
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