Traditionally, October and November are busy months for city staff and elected officials to develop the next city budget. This is also the time our elected officials need to hear from YOU and YOUR priorities!

There is never enough money for everything people want to be funded. But we believe that following thru with improvements to the bicycling infrastructure is vital for our city to continue improving safety and accessibility for people who ride bicycles.

Those “people” are you, your kids, your neighbors, your family and your friends!

As you may recall, the city council approved a new official city map that includes bike lanes. That was great! But we need them to appropriate funds in the upcoming budget for this initiative. Below are the scheduled dates for the budgeting process.

·         October 16 –  City Admin/Mayor to present working budget to COW

·         October 23, 24, 29, 30 COW work sessions on budget

·         Nov 13 – COW public hearing on budget

·         Nov 13 – Special Common Council to adopt budget

Our elected officials need to hear from you that you support this! Please reach out to them!  Stay tunes for updates to this and when we plan to attend and express our collective interests!

City council starting 2019 budget discussions

One thought on “City council starting 2019 budget discussions

  • September 27, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Communicating with us is so important. We are guilty of “knowing what we know” so we need to be exposed to what we don’t know. Having your members tell us about what they want is great input. We are very much influenced by people communicating with us and showing up at meetings. Usually we get very little input from the community so that even one or two emails can have a big influence.

    And having people attend our meetings and making brief, well-organized comments can have a major impact on our thinking.

    Thank you for stressing this.

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