September 27, 2022

Bicycle Infrastructure Updates

Have you been wondering what is happening in Sun Prairie from a cycling perspective?
Well, Wonder No More!!!

Here are some projects updates from recent City of Sun Prairie Bicycle Sub-Committee meetings:

Recent Work:

  1. On-street lanes along both sides of Broadway between Wyoming and 19/Windsor

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Repair to damage on the off-street path on the north side of Main Street between Kelvington and Legacy Way – This is being scheduled with a street paving project
  2. Adding on-street lanes along Leopold as that street is built out to Clarmar
  3. Additional off-street paths between Creekside Community Park and Clarmar as the neighborhood is constructed
  4. Widen off-street path connection along the west side of Bird from the northwest corner of Main and Bird to Buena Vista Drive - part of the adjacent private building project

Upcoming Projects:

  1. 15ft off-street path on the east side of Bird from Just north of Stonehaven to Egre with striping for pedestrians and bicycles (part of existing neighborhood project at Egre and Bird)
  2. 15ft off-street path thru the new neighborhood at Egre and Bird (with striping for pedestrians and bicycles) along with a 10ft off-street path connecting that new neighborhood to the current dead end on Stonewood Crossing in Stoneridge Estates (part of that same neighborhood project at Egre and Bird)
  3. Rectangular Rapid Fire Beacon (RRFB) where the existing multi-user path crosses Bird north of Stonehaven (2024)
  4. Multi-user path connecting Heritage Court in the Scenic Point neighborhood to the existing paved off-street path in Sheehan Park  (2023) CIP 234003
  5. An enhanced connection between Carriage Hills Estates Park and Willowbrook Park (2023) CIP 237019
  6. Intersection enhancement at Musket Ridge and Main including RRFB, widened curb cuts, and multi-user path from Main to park entrance just north of train tracks (2023) CIP 236016
  7. Multiple improvements along St. Albert the Great between CTH C and North Thompson in 2024 including:
    • On-street lanes between CTH C and North Thompson
    • On-street lanes on North Thompson widened and buffered in the same places between W. Main and St. Albert The Great
    • The addition of an off-street path on the south side of St. Albert the Great connecting two existing off-street paths at CTH C and Dynes.
  8. Replacing the existing sidewalk and off-street path along the west side of Bird with a wider off-street path from Highway 19/Windsor northbound toward CH Bird Elementary (2023)
  9. Changes to the intersections of Bird at Linnerud and at Main to improve both pedestrian and bicycle crossing. Currently discussing wider curb cutouts, wider crossing zones, and pedestrian medians. (2023)

More details will follow on each project as they approach.

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