September 9, 2023

Active Transportation Plan set for approval by city council on Sept. 19, 2023

After an almost 2year development process, and approval by the Bike sub-committee and the Transit Committee, the Sun Prairie in Motion Active Transportation Plan is set for city council approval on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Please reach out to your alder and ask them to vote to approve the Active Transportation Plan "Sun Prairie in Motion." It will make walking, biking, and rolling easier and safer in Sun Prairie!

Recommended new bike and ped paths
Recommended new bike and ped paths

From the plan, Why Does Sun Prairie Need an Active Transportation Plan?

The purpose of the Sun Prairie in Motion Active Transportation Plan (the Plan) is to make walking, biking, and rolling in our city easier and safer. It will help guide City staff and elected officials as they decide where to build new bikeways, paths, and sidewalks. And finally, it helps focus investment in new
infrastructure in the areas that most need it.

Read the full plan below:

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