Our Mission

The SPBAG is a grassroots organization of cycling enthusiasts, parents and other interested community members who want to improve the bicycling experience in Sun Prairie while increasing access to surrounding communities like Bristol, Madison, Marshall, Windsor, and more.

Our intent is to work with local and regional governments, regional and national cycling advocacy organizations and local enthusiast groups to advance the cause of bicycling.

We encourage any community member to become active in cycling and cycling advocacy.

2019 Goals

We are currently dedicated to the following projects:

  • Continue building local bicycle advocacy
    This year we hope to expand our bicycle corral options and provide more support for local cyclists. We are currently working on events for National Bike Week, National Bike to Work Day and Wisconsin Bike Week. We are also working with local event promoters. We are also working on ways to improve bicycle riding within our city and when connecting Sun Prairie to other areas via bicycle.
  • Expand multi-user singletrack trails in Sun Prairie
    Develop more un-paved, off-road multi-user singletrack trail system within Sun Prairie, providing more destinations for mountain biking, running, snowshoeing and more.

Future Goals

These are longer-term projects:

  • Earn Bicycle Friendly Community status for Sun Prairie
    BFC recognition places Sun Prairie on a prestigious list of cycling-friendly destinations where recreation, transportation alternatives, and public health are improving the quality of life for residents and visitors. Click on the following link for more on The League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community Award.
  • Earn 501(3)(c) non-profit status
    This status will allow our organization to participate in charitable activities and receive donations that can be used for the improvement of cycling in our area.

Goals Attained

We thank you for your support which allowed us to meet these goals:

  • We submitted a Bicycle Friendly Community application to the League of American Bicyclists.
    The application was submitted on Aug 11, 2015, and we received valuable feedback on where Sun Prairie can improve. A copy of the application can be found here. A copy of our supplemental portfolio can be found here.
    Based on the feedback from our initial submission, we are working with the city of Sun Prairie on measures to expand cycling infrastucture and improve mobility options for both peolep
  • We built a bicycle advocacy home for Sun Prairie.
    This includes a Facebook groupFacebook page, a website, and a mailing list where the Sun Prairie Bicycle Advocacy Group and members of our community can work together.
  • We expanded local bicycle advocacy in Sun Prairie.
    The SPBAG provided bicycle parking corrals at the Strawberry Fest and other local events, continue to organize a group ride and gathering during Wisconsin Bike Week, and continue to organize service stations during National Bike to Work Day. We also supported numerous events in and around Sun Prairie.
  • Supporting the local youth cycling teams, and with support from CORP, were able to build a multi-use single track trail system in Sheehan Park.

Contact Us

You can reach us by various methods: