The Goal:

To build a singletrack trail system in Sun Prairie.

We have been working with the Sun Prairie Parks and Recreation Department, the Sun Prairie Parks and Recreation Commission and the City Council on the development of forested, multi-user singletrack trails within the city limits. While our initial proposal for trails at Sheehan Park was denied, discussions have continued and we are getting closer to reaching this goal.

On June 1st, 2016, during the monthly P&R Commission meeting, a proposal for another location was submitted and the group unanimously voted to support exploration and development of singletrack trails in the Smiths Crossing Community Park in Sun Prairie.

In December of 2017, it was determined, from a wetlands delineation report, that there are too many wetland areas to efficiently, and economically, create a singletrack trail system in the Smith’s Crossing Community Park area.

Files related to both the current and previous proposal can be found below.

Note: singletrack mountain bike trails have been built on the south side of Sheehan Park. More details can be found here.

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Additional Details

  • To stay up to date on this project, please refer to this section of our blog: Singletrack Trail System.
  • We are following IMBAs Rules of the Trail as guidelines to promote responsive and courteous conduct on shared-use trails.

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